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1984 Politics

1984 - wow George Orwell was a prophet

INGSOC - Freedom is Slavery Ignorance is Strength Spending is Saving

The Future -

1984 - Look for the remake in 2012

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU - Obama's campaign deploys "truth teams" to tell you what's real...isn't.

From the past -

ATTACKWATCH SPONSOR ADOLPH HITLER - Not amused. Neither is co-sponsor, Stalin.

Damn Edward Snowden! -

CONSERVATISM WINS! - Ask Walter Mondale.

1984? Ha! -

1984? -

FREE CONTRACEPTIVES - Because if you thought the government was really screwing you.... Just wait till Obamacare kicks into high gear!


I GUESS IN BACKWARDS-LAND - FAIL = RECOVERY. Hmmm must be in George Orwell's 1984 somewhere.

OBAMASPEAK - To say what you want whenever you want and whatever you say at the moment you say it is the truth

1984 - A novel usually found in "FICTION," which means "NOT REAL." Any more questions, conservatards?

BIG BROTHER - He will watch over us always.....

Compare and contrast... -

Doublespeak -

Sesame Credit -

Minitrue -